Emeritus Trustee

As a Texas transplant, I knew I had found the only place on earth to live is "Sonoma County". One of my goals when I moved here in 2009 was to volunteer and this was a wonderful way to people. Not only have I made friends but have a family in Pride. In 2014, I was asked to be Treasurer (No one likes to handle the money when it's not your own.) I am also the Secretary for the Monte Rio Chamber of Commerce, and I'm working with the Russian River Historical Society. We are in the process of computing the entire collection and do have a section on LGBTQI. Since the river is well known area for the LGBQI playground we are looking for information that pertains to the Russian River. My background consists of owning several businesses doing all the paper work for a Bar in downtown Dallas, TX., Mini-Warehouses, rental property and in my spare time I had a cattle ranch.