site credits

A special thanks to the contributors to our website & the folks @ Feisty Media for hosting and maintaining the website.

We are doing out best to give credit to everyone. As you can image some of the archive of our organization go way back, and unfortunately some images were not labelled correctly, and some of our digital files were just originated by year.  We’ve tried to list everyone that was known to have supplied SCP with pictures over the years. Thank you again! And we are sorry we missed someone,  please just let us know.

Contributors: Christopher Kren, Brian Rogers, JD Donovan, Gary Carnivele

Photo Credits: JD Donovan, Christopher Kren, Brian Rogers, Dave Hall, Dale Godfrey, Pat Craig, Lau Ibsen

Special Thanks to The Letter People for the promotional use of their images. Thank You!

We’d also like to thank some of our local non-profits that continuously support of SCP, They are: