Emeritus Trustee

Robbi Ernst III is the Secretary of Sonoma County Pride Committee (SCP) since 2014 after having worked with the Committee for the previous year. He is an ardent volunteer with groups at the Russian River and states: “I especially enjoy the Sonoma County Pride Committee (SCP) because it’s made up of individuals who are totally dedicated to the success and growth of LGBTQI equality. In my sixteen years living here, I’ve worked with so many groups, and this is one of the few who really cares about accomplishing the goals of the organization and not about their own egos or self-images. Because of this, our meetings are precise, focused, happy and productive. As I get older, I’m at the age where I have to begin to cut back on time spent volunteering, I realize more each day that if I don’t enjoy a particular group, and it becomes a drudgery, then I simply cut that group from my list. Each year our Committee grows, and the workload becomes spread around more evenly to younger and highly enthusiastic and marvelous people. I urge people thinking that they are missing or simply want to do something that gives them a great sense of accomplishment, then consider the Sonoma County Pride Committee as a really healthy and happy group to work with especially since we are moving the Sonoma County Pride Festival back to Santa Rosa. Look at our website (SonomaCountyPride.org); find the icon “Volunteers” and sign up. We need and want you to join us to accomplish our goals of greater inclusiveness and unity. Thanks for letting me share in this important energy.”