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Sonoma County Pride's Scavenger Hunt

Our Scavenger Hunt is designed to include activities for people of all ages and abilities to participate, whether you are able to visit places in or around Sonoma County, or are restricted to staying at home.

You have all month to complete as many activities as you can and submit proof of your accomplishments throughout the month. 

Participants submit proof of completion of tasks by either:

  1. use #SoCoPrideHunt and post to Facebook or Instagram
  2. thehunt@sonomacountypride.org or Text to Sonoma County Pride with Subject SoCo Pride Hunt



  1. Find the Rainbow Crosswalk, and then take a pic Standing on Rainbow Crosswalk / Triangle
  2. In front of a past or present Sonoma County gay bar
  3. In front of a rainbow banner in a Sonoma County city or town – a point for each town
  4. In front of Rainbow Flag raised in a Sonoma County town/city- a point for each different flag
  5. Yourself dressed in drag (however you define that)



We are so grateful for our sponsors and want participants to appreciate them as well, by visiting their businesses. 

In addition to using #SoCoPrideHunt, please add the # (hashtag) for the business as well

  1. Graton Resort and Casino – find their logo in pride colors in the Casino and take a selfie with it #gratoncasino
  2. US Bank – Visit US Bank on 1 of the two following days, take a selfie with one of the listed team members, and get some fun swag! #usbank
    1. Tuesday, June 15th – 9 am-3 pm – Rohnert Park Branch (6500 Commerce Blvd) – Team Members: Heather, Andrew, Gus, Beck, Laurie & Sam 
    2. Wednesday, June 23rd – 9 am-3 pm – Santa Rosa Branch at Montgomery Village (2308 Magowan Drive) Team Members: Laurie, Jasmin, Kellie, Ajay & Gus 
  3. Take a Selfie Pic with the Pride Display at Sports Basement #sportsbasementsantarosa #sportsbasement
    1. FOR VOLUNTEERS: Use your volunteer discount code, take a selfie with your new purchase
  4. Selfie pic with the Men’s LEVI’s Section at Macy’s at Santa Rosa Plaza #macys #macyssantarosaplaza
  5. Visit Macy’s Backstage Area on the 3rd Floor and take a pic with the Pride Display #macys #macyssantarosaplaza
  6. Selfie of you ordering from the awesome crew at BREW #brewsantarosa
  7. Selfie of you with the progressive flag at BREW #brewsantarosa
  8. What is turning on the home page of Pride Outlet (www.prideoutlet.com) and what is the first song that comes to your mind? #prideoutlet
  9. Martin Ray Winery – selfie pic with the Rainbow Water Tower #martinraywinery
  10. Answer the Pride Trivia Questions at the Laugh Cellar website #laughcellar
  11. Visit Fountaingrove Lodge, go to the pride station set up in the lobby of the community center, take a photo next to the pride flag, and grab any information or swag. Visit only Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30AM until 4:30PM #fountaingrovelodge
  12. Visit Lala’s Jam Bar & Urban Farmstand and take a selfie with your free jar of jam! 720 E. Washington, Petaluma Thursday – Monday 10 am – 5 pm #lalasjambar
  13. Visit Wooden Petal and Take a Selfie Pic with the Pride Flag in the Window! (404 Santa Rosa Ave to the left of Dierks Parkside Cafe) #woodenpetalpretzel
  14. Red Bull – “Show us your wings” Take a picture of you doing something you love outdoors – hold or wear some rainbow stuff #redbullgivesyouwings
  15. Take a picture with a Recology bin or can while wearing or showing your rainbow pride! #recology
  16. Take a selfie in a Sonoma County Regional Park (you get 1 point for each park!) #sonomacountyregionalparks
  17. Take a selfie with the Pride Mannequin at Fleet Feet Santa Rosa – each entry is entered into a raffle to win Pride Sunglasses #fleetfeetsantarosa
  18. Take a selfie in the newly renovated Bar in the R3 Hotel #r3hotel
  19. El Coqui – take a selfie enjoying Puerto Rican food/drink – #elcoquisantarosa
  20. Noble Folk – take a selfie pic at one of the two locations in Healdsburg or Santa Rosa  (5 points for each location) #noblefolk
  21. Kryolan Professional Make-up –   #kryolanus
    1. taking a selfie anywhere in the store (1864 Union St, San Francisco)
    2. Selfie with the Kryolan logo or mask
    3. Use 20% promo code online or in our store: KRYOLANQUEEN2021 and take a selfie with your new purchase when you receive it
  22. Visit Grand Central in Petaluma – grab a coffee – take a selfie in the hammocks behind #grandscentralpetaluma


  1. Make a donation of any amount to a local non-profit that serves the LGBT community
  2. Volunteer at a Non-Profit that supports the LGBTQI+ Community


  1. Who is your Queero (LGBTQI+ Hero) and why?
  2. Message to someone thinking of coming out
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush and why?
  4. What is a large-scale LGBT-related event that has happened in your lifetime, and why was it significant to you?
  5. Tell us about the first Pride event you attended, and one of your favorite memories from it



  1. When and where was the first Sonoma County Pride?
  2. Which Senior Centers host LGBTQI+ Related events
  3. What is the name of the LGBTQI+ Retirement Community in Sonoma County?
  4. What organization(s) can an LGBTQI+ Youth go to for support?
  5. What Sonoma County organization has been providing HIV prevention, education, and services since 1983?



  1. Read an LGBT related book you have never read before
  2. Watch an LGBT movie you have never seen before
  3. Attend a “Friends of Dorothy” Zoom
  4. Hang a Pride Flag inside or outside of your home
  5. Write an anonymous, supportive letter to an LGBTQI+ person older or younger than you (to someone you do not know)
  6. Write and Mail a letter to a friend or family member 
  7. Attend one of the Sunday Outdoor Pride Activities
  8. Attend the Drive-Thru Parade – send us a pic (or several)
  9. Attend the “Wizard of OZ Sing-a-long” at Sally Tomatoes – send us a pic
  10. Attend the Rainbow City June 26 Concert – send us a pic

Participants can submit proof of completion of tasks by either:

  1. use #SoCoPrideHunt and post to Facebook or Instagram
  2. thehunt@sonomacountypride.org or Text to Sonoma County Pride with Subject SoCo Pride Hunt

Proof of completion of task must be submitted by midnight June 30, 2021.  Prizes awarded to most tasks completed. Each Task is one point. 

Special Prizes for Most Creative Entries. Check back frequently for new items.

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