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We are excited to announce the theme for Sonoma County Pride 2024:

Queeroes: Celebrating our Past, Present & Future Sheroes, Heroes, and Queeroes!

This inclusive and empowering theme is deeply rooted in the experiences and achievements of Sonoma County’s LGBTQI community. We honor the contributions and resilience of queer individuals from our own county’s history, shedding light on both well-known and lesser-known local queer figures. We recognize the tireless efforts of present-day advocates fighting for LGBTQ+ rights right here in Sonoma County. Queeroes aims to uplift and inspire the next generation of local LGBTQI individuals, offering mentorship opportunities and promoting a sense of community. By embracing intersectionality, we acknowledge the diverse experiences of Queeroes in our county, including people of color and those with disabilities. Through art and cultural representation, we create a vibrant and immersive experience that celebrates the rich history, ongoing work, and promising future of Sonoma County’s LGBTQI community. Join us as we come together to celebrate the Queeroes who have shaped our county’s narrative and continue to make a lasting impact. 🌈


Attention Sonoma County LGBTQ+ community! Submit your own Queero!

We are looking to honor the diverse contributions of the queer community throughout history and in the present day – from inspiring activists to unsung heroes.

Join us in celebrating and uplifting QUEEROES by sharing their stories with us. Be part of this empowering and inclusive celebration of LGBTQ+ history, progress, and future.

Nominate your Queero here: