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Sonoma County Pride Celebration


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Sonoma County Pride 2013 - "Queer to Eternity"

A Celebration of Sonoma County’s LGBTQI Community, Friends & Family

Sunday, June 2, 2013
Guerneville Lodge
15905 River Rd., Guerneville, California
11 AM Parade; Celebration Noon to 6 PM

Guerneville, CA. “From Queer to Eternity” the Sonoma County Pride Parade and Celebration will take place on the lush, grassy riverfront meadows of Guerneville Lodge on Sunday June 2nd, 2013. This year’s entertainment line-up features a mix of entertainment styles such as the Stephanie Teel Band out of Marin County, Sonoma County favorite, Society’s Child capturing the Bay Area sound; Baby Seal Club, an artfully ear-reverent power pop band, Space Biscuit, an extraterrestrial, melodic punk trio, Rumors, one of the top "party" bands in the Bay Area featuring last year’s SoCo Talent Idol winner, “Netty Machete.” Sacramento is sending Rendezvous with Cool Beans, a seven member band performing blended original rock, blues, and hip-hop music with three female lead vocalists sharing time, and RAQUELA, an American Theatrical Dance-pop, House music and Hi-NRG singer/songwriter. The last band is Planet Booty a hip-grinding, sweat-pouring live show of epic proportions. At some point during the celebration, the winner of the SoCo Talent Idol 2013 will be invited to perform a number on the main stage.

The Pride Planning Committee is also pleased to announce that Sister Yoda Lay He-Hoo will be the 2013 Mistress of Ceremonies at this family-friendly event! Sister Yoda is the devastatingly handsome & irresistible impresario of the SoCo Talent Idol competition, and a brilliant producer with an outrageous stage persona in the true vaudevillian tradition. “Yoda” is the closest thing we’ll ever see to a Groucho Marx/Lady Gaga lovechild. Get ready- the force is strong in this one!

The Pride parade will begin at 11am and run west to east down Main Street in Guerneville. Sonoma County Pride Parade begins with the Dykes on Bikes, Parade Grand Marshalls Liam Mayclem, Jim Humes, Amber Twitchell and cast members from the documentary “We Were Here” followed by the Hub Bub Club Marching band, the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, firefighters, roller derby girls, hot rods, mermaids and numerous Sonoma County businesses and non-profit organizations. The last contingent will be marching bands leading a procession down the street to the celebration site, Guerneville Lodge located at 15905 River Road in Guerneville.

As in previous years, there will be a full line-up of Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring the children’s activities area with family-oriented games and activities with a dunk-tank and a jumpy house, and Pride 2013 will see the return of Lilith’s Lounge, the Radical Faerie Freedom Village. The Pride in Wine Country Terrace will feature Sonoma County wineries and a Sonoma County wineries table with Leslie Bahr of Whitetail Winebar doing the pouring. A Commitment & Re-commitment Ceremony will be held at the Sonoma County Pride Celebration. Couples will gather at the Ceremony Sign located at the patio of Guerneville Lodge at 2:45pm. The ceremony gives couples the opportunity to pledge their commitment to each other publicly before friends and family. The ceremony will be conducted en masse, but you will have a moment to exchange vows or a token of your love privately together. Friends and family are welcome to attend, and commemorative certificates will be available for each couple. There is no cost or pre-registration for this event. Just show up!

Upcoming Pride events include Give-Back Tuesday at the Rainbow Cattle Company on May 28th, and a riotously amusing variety show, SoCo Talent Idol on June 1st at the Guerneville Vet’s Hall at 1st & Church Streets in Guerneville. SoCo Talent Idol is the brainchild of Sister Yoda Lay He-Hoo of the Russian River Sisters, and the Pride Comedy Night at the wells Fargo Center featuring Marga Gomez, (named “Best Comedian 2012” by The SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and Bay Area Reporter) and special guests Justin Lucas (2012 Finalist Black Comedy Competition, National Queer Arts Festival 2012) and Regina Stoops (finalist "Killer Laughs Competition").

The 7th Annual Pride Interfaith Service – From Queer to Eternity will conclude the 2013 Sonoma County Pride Parade & Celebration week. The service will be held on: June 9 2013, 7pm at the Center for Spiritual Living, 2075 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. The service will bring together religious leaders and musicians from diverse religious traditions within Sonoma county who will join in unity to acknowledge and celebrate the spiritual presence found in every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersex, Questioning and Straight person. Bobby Jo Valentine, a gorgeously talented local singer/songwriter will provide music at the Interfaith Service.

Organized by the Russian River Sisters’ Sonoma County Pride Planning Committee, the 2013 events will feature more GLITTER, more GLAM and more INDULGENCE! For more information about the celebration visit the Sonoma County Pride website: or email


2013 Sonoma County Pride Celebration – Schedule of Events

10:00am          Parade sign in begins on the corner of 4th Street & Church.

11:00am          Sonoma County Pride Parade begins with the Dykes on Bikes, Parade Grand Marshalls Liam Mayclem, Jim Humes, Amber Twitchell and cast members from the documentary “We Were Here” followed by the Hub Bub Club Marching band, the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, firefighters, roller derby girls, hot rods, mermaids and numerous Sonoma County businesses and non-profit organizations.

Noon-6pm          Pride Celebration at Guerneville Lodge, 15905 River Road, Guerneville (1/4th mile east of downtown). Sister Yoda Lay He-Hoo will bring his unique & highly entertaining persona to the task of emceeing the entertainment portion of the celebration with the assistance of various nuns & members of the community.

12:00 - 12:05 Welcome by Entertainment Chair, Sister Beatrix Uppersleeve
12:05 - 12:40 Society's Child
12:45 - 1:20 Stephanie Teel Band
1:30 to 2:05 Baby Seal Club
2:10 - 2:45 Space Biscuit
2:50 - 3:00 Commitment Ceremony
3:00 - 3:10 Performance by the winner of SoCo Talent Idol
3:15 - 3:50 Rumors
3:55 - 4:30 Raquela
4:35 to 5:10 Rendezvous with Cool Beans
5:10 to 5:20 Drawing for the Pride Raffle by SoCo Pride Chair, Sister Scarlet Billows
5:20 to 5:55 Planet Booty

Close of Celebration Site clean-up! Volunteers highly desired!



Stephanie Teel Band Stephanie Teel is a native San Franciscan. Her road gigs began in Las Vegas with the Al Bellow Revue with Jenny Jones as the bands leader and drummer. (Jenny went on to be a TV talk show host). The band was booked solid for two years playing in several casinos in Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, and clubs in New Mexico and a tour of eastern Canada. In 1990, Stephanie was the lead guitarist for the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. The band featured some of the best musicians and vocalists in the Bay Area. She also played for Linda Tillery at the 1990 Michigan Women's Festival, and with members of Santana, Tower Of Power, and the band War. Besides playing with her own band and solo performances, Stephanie plays with "The Fabulous Cruise Tones." The band is booked throughout the year for private parties, country clubs, yacht clubs, fundraisers, festivals and local hotels.

Stephanie Teel Band


Baby Seal Club With two North Bay Music Awards hanging on the wall of their undersea studio, Baby Seal Club has torpedoed through the depths of their subconscious and exploded into venues across Northern California including the Wells Fargo Center, opening for the B-52's. Born in a bathtub from a swirling nebula of alkaline dust, bourbon, limerence and hair product, Baby Seal Club has mutated from a ragtag bacchanalian side show into an artfully ear-reverent power pop band. Like a desert mirage solidifying into an art-rock hallucination, BSC exploded on stage with heart-thumping harmonies and pelvic-pounding rhythms.

Yes, BSC chewed through the walls of its playpen and has never looked back (except to find lost keys and turn the stove off). The band has been an obsession for founding members Fudo (gallivanting guitar), Wizzbang Mahnkae (brazen bass), and Choklit Chanteuse (voluptuous vocals). They've thrown scraps of what they love musically and culturally into their creative blender and poured forth a sort of guitar-driven, post-modern-indie-art-quirk-glitter-punk-pop frappé -- perfect to quench the thirst of those who love to dance, bop, shimmy, shake, ruminate, masticate, primp, flame, titillate, wonder and smirk.

With the recent addition of Nectar (their long-sought-after devilicious drummer) and Nashish (their ear-candy-generating multi-instrumentalist) the band is feeling unstoppable at last. Rounding out the group at live performances are occasional appearances by the Wavy Seals, Uncle Stabby (prurient percussion) and Ewephoria (temptress of toast). Once you’re hooked and your heart’s gone all flippy-floppity with silly human sentiment, you’ll want to join the other FlipperTrippers. Remember... it takes a cult.

Baby Seal Club


Society's Child was formed by the songwriting team of guitarist/vocalist Mary Letchworth and drummer/vocalist Tess Jackson. Society's Child has been a Sonoma County staple since the late 1990's. With Mike Whitley dropping in sometimes on bass, this original rock trio captures the Bay Area sound with their mix of hard rock & blues and is reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Heart & Fleetwood Mac. Look for their third CD release in early 2014.

Society's Child


Space Biscuit is an extraterrestrial, melodic punk trio from Eureka California. This dynamic group consists of Anwyn Halliday on synthesizer, robot and monster voices; Qaiel Peltier on lead vocals, and extremely pretty faced frontman/woman/alien; and Tamaras Abrams on drums and vocals. They write songs about Godzilla, Nebraska, space travel, eight legged horses, werewolves and a plethora of twisted fantasies! Space Biscuit has been likened to Klaus Nomi, the B-52s and "THE BEST 90's SHOW I WENT TO" despite not being a 90s band. Space Biscuit is an intergalactic musical journey you do not want to miss, nor will you ever forget!

Space Biscuit


Rumors is one of the top "party" bands in the Bay Area and specialize in Classic Rock and Pop. From Abba to Z.Z. Top- The B52"s to Lady Gaga- the dance floor will never be empty and you will find yourself singing along with all the songs! Herb Genelly - Lead guitar and vocals; Dave Bringhurst - Keyboards; Bruce Wilmott - Bass guitar and vocals,; Tom Radovanovich- Drums; Kathy Wilmott - vocals; Robin Heil - vocals; Annete “Netty Machete” Moreno - vocals. Netty made a solo appearance at Sonoma County Pride 2012 after she won the SoCo Talent Idol competition in 2012 with her fantastic rendition of Etta James’ “At Last.”



RAQUELA: is an American Theatrical Dance-pop, House music and Hi-NRG singer/songwriter. She has successfully released several dance tracks that have made her a recognized Billboard artist today. In addition to Dance music, RAQUELA has proudly appeared on some of the world's biggest stages like the St. James and the George Gershwin in New York City. She enjoyed working alongside celebrities like Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Carol Burnet, Cloris Leachman, Bernadette Peters, Toni Collette, Don Rickels, Elaine Stritch, Chita Rivera, Angela Bassett, Joan Rivers, and Tom Bosely (to name a few). "Before there was Lady Gaga, there was RAQUELA! " Thanks to the successful release of Raquela's 1999 award winning album, "Confessions of the Disco Diva", she officially earned the title "1st Lady of Theatrical Dance-Pop!"



Rendezvous with Cool Beans: If MC Lyte had Janis Joplin and Macy Gray singing her hooks, and Lenny Kravitz wailing on guitar, her band might sound like RWCB—but only if they brought in some Reggae and Calypso influences every once in a while just for fun. Northern California based RWCB is a seven member band performing blended original rock, blues, and hip-hop music with three female lead vocalists sharing time. RWCB is no stranger to the stages of premiere music clubs in town and performs annually at larger outdoor festival venues in California and Nevada. As the house band for Head Hunters in Sacramento for several years, RWCB has developed a substantial local following and recorded two full-length albums.

Rendezvous with Cool Beans


Planet Booty: BOOTY: the force that brings us together. Having started as a conceptual space-funk opera in 2008 by brothers Nathan and Dylan Germick, Planet Booty has evolved into a hip-grinding, sweat-pouring live show of epic proportions. The expanded ensemble fuses electronics (synths, beats, samples) with live instruments (drums, guitars, horns, percussion..) and a hellacious excess of energy. The resulting blend of dancebeats pushes the limits of space-funk and electro-gospel, drawing influences from such artists as LMFAO, Chromeo, Talking Heads and James Brown.

Planet Booty’s mission to bring the party and unlock human potential is actualized to its most beautiful, raunchy effect on the dance floor. Their combination of musicianship and electrifying, ass-shaking performances have earned them a reputation as a must-see live act, first in San Francisco but increasingly so in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other west coast markets. Planet Booty has performed at marathons, bike parties, fitness competitions, “church” services… and of course at countless better-known venues such as Bimbo’s 365 Club, Café du Nord, DNA Lounge, Bottom of the Hill, Viper Room, The Mint, and many more.

Planet Booty

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